ATVs for New Riders

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ATVs for New Riders

Once you’ve decided to invest in an ATV, the fun has only just begun. You’re probably already picturing yourself tearing up the backwoods with your buddies. As exciting as this new venture might be, there are some important decisions to make before you choose an ATV. This is a big investment and you want to end up with a model that’s right for your needs. When you’re a new rider, it can be difficult to know where to start the process.

At Hidden Trails Motorsports, we want to help our customers find the perfect ATV, which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide. If you have further questions, please give us a call or visit us in Charleston, WV today!

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Choosing the Right ATV

You’ll likely face quite a bit of temptation once you start shopping for your ATV. There are plenty of shiny new models equipped with beefy engines that’ll try to lure you in. Keep in mind that if you’re an inexperienced rider, it’s best to choose an option with a smaller engine displacement so you have better control. New riders will easily feel like they don’t have control of their vehicle if the engine is too large to handle, which can lead to accidents.

In addition to engine size, you’ll also need to choose between two types of ATVs. The two popular models are sport ATVs and utility ATVs. The most common option is the utility model, which features a boxy body shape, cargo racks, two-up seats, and tow hitches. Sport models, on the other hand, have a sleeker and more aerodynamic body shape and a robust suspension system for an ultra-smooth ride. No matter how aggressively you ride the trails, you’ll have confidence knowing that your sport model can take the heat.

There are many AV manufacturers out there who build models that are equipped with engines in the 250 to 300 cc range. These ATVs are ideal for teenagers and other young adults who are just learning to ride. If you’re a parent teaching a child how to ride an ATV, you might be interested in the youth models. These ATVs come with useful features for the youngsters, such as throttle limiters, automatic CVT transmissions, and keyed ignitions. You’ll be able to easily monitor your child’s riding habits and have peace of mind knowing their model was designed with the proper precautions in place.

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Gear Up

You’re almost ready to hop on your ATV and break it in. Before you do that, you need to be sure you have the appropriate gear. First and foremost, you need a crash-tested helmet that’ll offer maximum protection in the event of an accident. Your helmet should fit snug and not slide around when you move your head. At the same time, it should not be so tight that it pinches or causes pain. If the helmet you choose doesn’t have a face shield or mask built into it, you’ll need to add a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from debris. Remember to always wear long sleeves and pants when you ride so that your body and extremities are protected. It’s also wise to invest in a solid pair of boots and gloves. You’re officially prepared to ride!

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